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Power Legs Review


What is Power Legs

Technically speaking the Power Legs is a portable version of the vibration plate exercise machine with acupressure feature. The manufacturer claims the massager is an easy solution for temporary soreness and discomfort. As the name suggests the Power Legs foot massager claims to relieve foot aches, reinvigorate, soothe, and re-energize your tired legs and feet with vibration therapy. All this in the comfort of your home watching TV!



How does Power Legs work?

The Power Legs vibration massager features proprietary acupressure heads perfectly aligned with the soles of your feet and its patented oscillation and vibration system.Sore and achy legs may make it difficult to do your daily chores. The promoters of Power Legs claim in their review video that sore and tired legs can stop you from making the most out of your life. In the Power Legs review, the manufacturer claims that you just have to put your legs on the Power Legs massager and it massages your foot, supposedly re-energizing your feet (and legs too?). You can use the Power Legs just about doing anything – office, relaxing, TV etc. The vibrations powering through your legs and feet may even help support your circulation. Tone and strengthen your legs and feet.


Vibration and Massage

The Power Legs uses both vibration and massage to relieve pain. While vibration loosens tight muscles – supposedly improving blood circulation, massage relaxes your feet.


Power Legs Vibration Reviews


Promoter Reviews

“As you age you do not engage your muscles as much and hence you don’t feel confident. But with the Power Legs vibration massager you gain the confidence in your legs as the muscles are rejuvenated and feel stronger.”
Keith (Age: 59) claims in his review



“I feel I am being pampered right in my own home”
Deborah (Age: 60) says in her Power Legs review


How is it different from other Leg Massagers?

The Power Legs claims to be unique massage product since it combines massage and vibration therapy. It does not have the rolling balls that other similar leg massagers have. The Power Legs instead has acupressure heads that give you (or rather claim to give) acupressure like massage to your feet.


What kind of massages Power Legs provide



Whats Included with the Power Legs?

  • PowerLegs Unit
  • Power Legs Remote
  • Massage & Exercise Plan
The Power Legs Vibration Massager is available at the official website TryPowerLegs.com and Amazon.com.


Power Legs Price

The cost of Power Legs Vibration Foot Massager is $159.96. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Many users mention in their reviews that PowerLegs is not at all worth the cost.



Power Legs User Reviews

“The Power Legs is a “MADE IN CHINA” vibration massager that is overrated, over-hyped and not worth the price.”

 — Just to summarize the Power Legs Review.


Too Good to be True

The most common complaint people have about Power Legs is that the benefits of the foot massager are way too exaggerated. The manufacturer (Powerfit) and the promoter (Tristar Products Inc) make unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of the machine. “Look years younger”, “total body relaxation”, “no need to go to gym”, “get rid of expensive trainers” etc are some of the fancy claims made by the promoter of Power Legs. One reviewer mentions in his review “From the very language style one can make out that this foot machine is a a scam”


Animated Vibrations

Another user mentions that the vibrations shown in the video look very animated. He also says that the Power Legs is just a foot vibration machine and has nothing to do with the most of the claims made in the TV ad review.


Remote does not work

Many users have complained in their testimonials that the remote of the Power Legs machine does not work.


Quality of the Foot Machine

Many users who have actually tried the Power Legs complain in their reviews that the machine quality is bad, its cheaply made and you are really lucky if it lasts more than 6 months.



No Heat Option

One reviewer points out that the Power Legs does not have heating option like other shiatsu massagers that have infra-red heating element. Many reviewers are of the opinion that a massage is incomplete without heat therapy and the Power Legs foot massager lacks this important feature.


Power Legs is not for All

Vibration massage therapy is not for everybody. There are disadvantages of Power Legs. People with following conditions should not use Power Legs foot massager.

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Pregnancy
  • Gallstones and Kidney Stones
  • Heart Diseases
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Implants

Remember a foot vibration massager like Power Legs can only relieve pain and soreness experienced in the leg muscles and will not work if the pain is due to broken bone.


Not Portable

The Power Legs machine is quiet heavy and bulky, not something you can easily carry with you. It is even a hassle to move it from one room to another.


Paid Power Legs Reviews

Okay so when we look at the reviews of Power Legs. There are two main ISSUES with the Power Legs. First being the quality of the product and the other being the BENEFITS. Unfortunately the Power Legs fail to deliver on both the fronts. Almost 26% of the reviews are complaints about “Does not work”, “Product is dead on arrival”, “does not last long”, “cheap built and quality” and “remote does not work”. When we say “Power Legs does not work”, it means that the MACHINE itself does not work in the first place [or quits working after a while] and even if the leg vibration machine does work, it fails to deliver promised results.


We observed that Power Legs have a lot of negative reviews (one and two star ratings) on Amazon.com. Most of these reviews are related to the quality and usage of the foot massager. The promoters of the Power Legs are trying to cover up these genuine reviews with paid five-star fake reviews. So be careful when judging the product from the over-all ratings it has got. Check the percentage of negative reviews, if it is sizable (more than 25%) negative reviews.


Power Legs Quits Working

Almost 70% complaints [out of the 26% reviews] are about Power Legs dying in a few days, weeks and in some cases after a few months [though very rarely]. Users complain about vibration feature quitting. You can hear the motor humming as it continues to run but the the belt that connects the motor to the vibration plates disengages, resulting in no vibrations. You are stuck with a $170 leg machine that you have to return at your cost of $30 for postage, even when you buy from Amazon.com.


Dead On Arrival

Then there are a few complaints about the Power Legs machine not working right out of the box. Though the count of such reviews is less, still a significant number of people have reported it.



One user complained that the Power Legs that re received had no cushioning. It is likely the Power Legs that don’t work got damaged in shipping.


Poor Quality

Plastic – The overall built quality of the Power Legs massager is flimsy, it is made from cheap plastic.

Loose Motor – One reviewer explains why the Power Legs quits working after several days [or even does not work]. The machine rattles, when you move it, indication of loose parts inside. The motor is loosely held by a couple of straps [round bands] that are not screwed properly [missing screw] to the cheap plastic housing. With the vibrations the screw come loose causing the motor to dislodge and the belt comes off. It is hard to put the screws back in. A few of them were able to replace the broken screws with new ones and securing the motor, after which the Power Legs has worked fairly well. But not all users have been able to re-assemble the Power Legs machine to make it work.

Settings – Elder folks find the Power Legs settings difficult and frustrating to use as there are too many of them. You cannot reduce the intensity of the vibrations which according to some reviews are too strong to handle.

Beeping – The Power Legs machine beeps continuously which many find annoying.

Shuts Off – Then there are a few reports that the Power Legs machine shuts off by itself in the middle of the vibration massage session.

Remote – Almost all the reviews about the remote are complaints. The remote does not work and has a small cord. People have tried three different sets of batteries and yet the remote does not work. In-fact the remote operates your TV too so another reason why you can’t use the Power Legs while watching TV. Some of the features of the Power Legs machine can be accessed only with the remote.

Noisy – When the Power Legs vibration massager does work it is really noisy. People have complain you can hear it all over the house. The Power Legs is not something that you can use casually watching TV or relaxing. You have to shut yourself in a room and use it. Also the vibration massage machine squeaks, which can be another reason to be annoyed.


Are there any side-effects of Power Legs

Yes there may be a few side-effects like frequent urination, tenderness feeling in feet, and very rarely pain in the feet.



Most people don’t find any therapeutic value in the Power Legs massager. The vibration massage is intense and people actually feel their feet hurt by using it. Many chose to returned the massager in the 30-day trial period. They mention in the reviews that the Power Legs is not worth even half the price. People with neuropathy cannot use the leg vibration machine as it hurts.


Now coming to the part where the leg machine “mechanically works”. Let’s see if it is any good.

No Benefits

One senior buyer who tried the Power Legs for Restless Leg’s Syndrome complains that the machine has not helped him. The vibrations produced by the Power Legs machine are “poky”. There is no rollers that gives a soothing massage but silicon acupressure heads that some people find uncomfortable when they touch your feet. Elder users find the Power Legs machine instructions confusing to use.


No Results

Seven out of ten reviews mention that the Power Legs makes no difference. No impact on the feet and does not revitalize. “The shiatsu kneading massage is big joke”, one review says.


Needs Assistance

People with Parkinson’s can’t use the Power Legs on their own and someone needs to change the buttons.


How often should you use the Power Legs massager?

The Power Legs website recommends using the foot machine thrice a week with each session not exceeding 10 minutes. So it is clear this is not built to be used daily by multiple people. 


Does it help with blood circulation?

Power Legs claims to improve blood circulation but there are no independent tests done that confirm this claim. It is based on common knowledge that foot vibration massagers improve blood circulation. But none of the reviews attest this claim.



Does it work for the entire body?

No. The vibrations from the feet do not travel to distant parts of the body. The Power Legs foot vibration machine is not powerful enough to have its effect all over the body like the Whole Body Vibration Machines have.


Our Verdict

The Power Legs is not worth the price of $170, “the vibration massage machine does not work”. Users who reviewed this machine have recommended the EMS Foot Massager. We do not recommend the over-priced Power Legs foot vibration massager. While the idea is ingenious and looks good on the paper, it is not well executed. The quality of the product is shabby. While the vibration therapy does help in blood circulation and relieve pain, that does not apply to Power Legs which is evident from the reviews.

6 thoughts on “Power Legs Review | TryPowerLegs.com Foot Massager Exposed”

  1. ********************BUYER BEWARE****************************************

    After about a week, I was more than HAPPY to return the power legs device. I was billed twice before it arrived. It hurt (not helped) my feet. It was returned well within the 30-day trial. I called to get the RMA #, sent it, insured it via USPS and because it was taking soo long for the return, I called their customer service, several times to alert them of the delivery delay (since I had a tracking number).

    Now, when I called to check on the status of my refund, they tell me “I’m in collections….? They have their product back (tracking # confirms it was delivered). I still have not received my refund but again, they have their awful product back.
    Lesson Learned

    Now, I’m considering contacting the BBB

  2. Always, ALWAYS review a product before you purchase. Reading all these reviews, this product gets all thumbs DOWN !!!

  3. Sucker for As Seen on TV

    Now that I am working from home during the pandemic, my knees are giving me pain probably from sitting all day. I almost bought the Powerlegs machine until I read this review! Thank you for saving me from my impulse buy to cheap goods. I will stick with repeated stretching & walking throughout the day.

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