Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and pledge to protect your PII that you voluntarily and involuntarily  share with us. We do not and would not share your personally identifiable information with any third party. 

What is “Personally Identifiable Information”?

Any information that reveals the identity of the person is called Personally Identifiable Information a.k.a PII. This can be the name, email address, phone number, address and social media account names.

How is information collected?

There are two ways how your PII is collected by us – Voluntarily and Involuntarily. You are required to submit your name and email address when you post a comment on our pages and blog posts – this information (name and email address) constitute the “Voluntarily Submission of PII”, since you are aware that you are sharing your PII with us [].

How and What type of personal information is revealed

Your name is revealed when you post a comment on our blog posts and pages. Your email ID is not revealed. We do not share your email ID with any third party. We urge you not to mention your phone number, email address and postal addresses in the comments. If there is a situation where you have to share these details, we urge you to email your questions to rather than posting the details in the comments.

What do we do with your Information

We keep your personal information safe and do not share it with any third party. We do not send you any promotional offers and contact you only to address specific issues like more details about a product review. Or to provide answers to the question that you may have asked. 

Involuntarily Submitted Information

You “involuntarily”share your browsing data, IP address, search history, location with and third parties like Google and

Google Ads and

To support our operations, has partnered with Google and to “monetize” our website. We allow Google [Google Ads] and to display relevant ads that match the content of the post/page. Google Ads and Amazon,com both use cookies to offer “personalized” ads based on your internet browsing history. has no control over the cookies deployed by and Google Ads program and your privacy is governed by the privacy policies of these sites.

Google Analytics and Log Files

We use Google Analytics to track website traffic for marketing insights. Google Analytics too deploy cookies and tracks parameters like search history, keywords searched, referral, user IP, browser, country etc. Though this information is not classified as “PII”.

Please do visit this page to check updates about our Privacy Policy.