Power Legs Elliptical REVIEW | Does GetElliptical.com Work?

What is Power Legs Elliptical?

Power Legs Elliptical claims to be a compact, seated, motorized elliptical that helps you stay active while sitting. So if you are an someone who cannot use the regular leg exercise machines or someone who is always tired, achy and find it difficult to move around and exercise then the Power Legs Elliptical promises to be the exercise machine for you.

Power Legs Elliptical REVIEW | Does GetElliptical.com Work?

Power Legs Elliptical is a passive leg exerciser that can help you achieve get to your goals without putting much physical effort into it. Lightweight and portable, the Power Legs Elliptical promises that it is easy to move anywhere around the home and office. It also features a remote control for added comfort, a digital display and a storage pocket to store your remote control once you are done.


How does it claim to work?

As per the website the Power Legs Elliptical claims to provide active sitting to help you stay active. This amazing machine offers a low-impact workout helping you to keep moving thereby supporting your mobility.

Simply turn it on with the power button on the display panel, or the button on hand-held remote control. You can also control the pedaling direction and speed. Place your foot on the elliptical’s slip- resistant pedals and begin to pedal forwards or backward. When you have finished exercising simply turn it off by using the display panel or the remote control.


What are the Claimed Benefits of Power Legs Elliptical?

Its motorized bidirectional movements provide a full range of motion to engage more muscles. Power Legs Elliptical was created for the benefit of those people who want to get the benefits of exercising but can’t do them for some reason or another. It claims to be designed with a motor that makes very little noise so you can use it while you watch TV, read a book, or talk on the phone. Power Legs Elliptical promises to be the exercise equipment you will need without really exerting yourself and putting a strain on your body.


Power Legs Elliptical Advantages and Disadvantages


Power Legs Elliptical Advantages

  • Low Impact Workout – PowerLegs Elliptical offers a low impact workout unlike exercises such as running, jumping, or hopping, which can put a strain on your knees and other joints. This makes it ideal for people with injuries, mobility issues, or those people who simply prefer a low stress workout.
  • Easy to Use – Power Legs Elliptical is easy to use. Simply to plug it into the socket, place your feet on the two pedals and pedal forward or backward.
  • “Active Sitting” Exercise Anywhere, Anytime – This machine lets you workout wherever and whenever you want. Simply pull it out and use it whenever you have free time and you’ll be able to pedal at your own pace. Additionally, you also have the option to use it while you watch your favorite television show, listen to music or read a book.
  • Cell Phone Storage – It features a pocket between the pedals to hold your cell phone along with its remote control. So you can workout and won’t have to miss an important phone call.
  • Benefits of Active Sitting – Powel Legs Elliptical is designed to promote active sitting. Most of us do not exercise and does not give a chance to the body to heal itself. We spend most of our our lives “Sitting” – sitting at work, driving, sitting in front of the TV, eating etc. Sedentary work can have an adverse effect on your health and cause and promote potentially dangerous conditions like obesity, diabetes, metabolism related diseases and shortened lifespan. It has been proven that “Active Sitting” engages core body muscles. A powered elliptical like the Power Legs Elliptical being portable can be used at home and at the office, providing you the much needed active sitting workout.
  • It Works – Though there are better active sitting exercise options available. Power Legs Elliptical does a fairly good job. People have reported that they do feel energized and most importantly it keeps the muscles engaged, especially in those lazy afternoon hours..


Power Legs Elliptical Disadvantages

  • Does not BURN Calories – the biggest complaint about the Power Legs Elliptical is that offers no RESISTANCE and hence does not BURN calories. The purpose of the Power Legs Elliptical is to just provide “active sitting” benefits. The machine moves your legs rather than your legs moving the machine. This machine is just ok to improve blood circulation.
  • Difficult to Move – Then there are Power Legs Elliptical reviews that reveal that the machine has no handle an is very inconvenient to move it around.
  • Not Comfortable on Taller People – Reviewers mention that Taller people may not find the Power Legs Elliptical all that comfortable with regular office chairs. You might need a taller chair to compensate for the increase in the height of your foot position or else you might hit your knees to the table above.
  • Electricity Required – You will have to use the Power Legs Elliptical only with electricity since running it on batteries is not an option. This means you will not be able to use it in places where you don’t have access to an electrical outlet.
  • Max Weight Limit – The website makes no mention of the max user weight of the machine.
  • No Standing Mode – Standing position gives even more workout but the Power Legs Elliptical does not let you stand on it. It is not sturdy enough to bear the weight of a person standing no it.
  • Humming Noise – Though the Power Legs Elliptical is quiet at lower power settings it produces considerable amount of “humming” sound at highest setting which can be disturbing for the other co-workers around.
  • The Elliptical Slides – The Power Legs Elliptical machine does not have a mat below and the machine slides off the floor, reviewers complain.
  • Range of Motion – the motion in not elliptical that one might expect from a real elliptical machine, given the small radius of the wheel the motion of the Power Legs Elliptical is more like to and FRO or something like a flattened oval. Then there are reviews that say that the machine works on the feet only and not the knees.
  • Power Legs Elliptical is at the lower end of the “Active Sitting” spectrum
  • Misleading Offer – The $14.99 offer on the official website GetElliptical.com is misleading. They do not mention the total price of the elliptical which is $159.96. The $14.99 trial offer costs you $19.99 to ship the product which is again hidden from the buyers. Shipping the Power Legs Elliptical back to the manufacturer will still cost you $19.99. Many reviewers feel that the Power Legs Elliptical is not at all worth the price of $160.


Is Power Legs Elliptical worth it?

According to most users the Power Legs Elliptical is not a great exercise machine. It does nothing, which is probably because people expect too much from this machine. The promoters of the Power Legs Elliptical have portrayed their product to look like a miracle machine that is going to take away all the pain.

This machine will work the legs only, which may be good enough for people who haven’t exercised much or are starting to exercise after a long break. However, if you want to exercise your arms along with your legs, you could use a pair of dumbbells and do bicep curls or simple arm raises as you pedal.

For those people who need to stand all day long at work or do not have time to exercise then the Power Legs Elliptical could be of some help. But do not expect it to completely replace standard exercise practices.

It is better to not rush into buying the Power Legs Elliptical online before you look through sites such as Amazon for alternatives or the same item which may be available at lower prices.