Legxercise Review

LegXercise REVIEW | Lexercise Pro/Max Review & Comparison

What is LegXercise?

LegXercise [also pronounced as “Lexercise”, “LegXerciser” or “Lexerciser”] is a leg mover machine that provides passive leg moving exercises to elderly people who cannot use the regular leg exercise machines like the pedal machines and the elliptical machines. It is a passive gym that can help you get to your goals without putting any physical effort into it. The LegXercise machine comes in three models – Original, PRO and the MAX


What does the LegXercise Do?

“Keep your legs moving while you are seated”, that’s the purpose of the Lexercise machines. It simulates your natural walking motion. It engages your leg muscles and causes the blood to flow towards the heart, boosting blood circulation. The leg exerciser helps the stagnant blood circulate out of your legs and back to your heart. The heart then pumps the NEW “oxygen-rich” blood to the leg areas. The “walking” motion of the LegXercise stops your legs from falling asleep thus reducing numbness and cramps.


Benefits of LegXercise

LegXercise has been designed for the benefit of those who want to get the benefits of exercising but can’t do them for one reason or another. If circulation is a problem for you, then this passive gym claims to be the right solution. It is said to be efficient and can be used while you are watching TV, reading or at work or in a meeting too. LegXercise claims to be the alternative for you without putting in a lot of physical effort.


LegXercise aims to improve blood circulation

It can be a major hindrance for many today and that’s where it aims to help you with. LegXercise is known for its motorized continuous reciprocating movements that are responsible for activating blood circulation. And that too while you are seated. As a result you can get instant relief from pain or swelling, which could become the bane of your existence. LegXercise is also meant to aid those who are suffering because of achy and tired legs that can have a serious impact on your lifestyle.

LegXercise works for people with sedentary lifestyles

And there are millions of those today, who are confined to their seats because of the work they are involved in. Being seated in one place for long hours can hamper blood circulation and immobility can also lead to muscle atrophy. But these problems can be avoided by the use of LegXercise, if its claims are to go by. That’s because LegXercise lets you move your legs back and forth alternatively while you remain in your seat. LegXercise also ensures that your feet get a smooth massage while blood circulation in your legs is naturally boosted. You get a sensation of comfort, which can work wonders for your feet.

LegXercise offers you several benefits. While back and leg pain is reduced, it can also decrease the proliferation of varicose veins and cellulite. What’s more, it can reduce instances of stiff knees too. Ergo Therapy is at the heart of LegXercise, which is why its movements are precise and without vibrations so that it works effectively while offering you comfort too.


LegXercise Models

LegXercise comes in three models – Standard [Original], MAX and Pro. The below comparison will help you identify the differences between them.

The ORIGINAL LegXercise

Provides 2 settings, 1410 (1.07 km) and 1650 (1.25 km) steps per hour. This the cheapest of the three LegXercise machines. Here are the Pros and Cons of the ORIGINAL model. This model costs $139.94 (at the official website LegXercise.com). Dimensions: 8.50″[H] X 18.00[W] X 16.00″[D]

The Original LegXercise “The Original LegXercise”


LegXercise MAX

The MAX model of the Lexercise looks similar to the ORIGINAL one but is 23% faster. You can do 70 steps per minute (as opposed to 54 steps of the ORIGINAL model), i.e 4200 steps per hour which is roughly equivalent to 2.66 km per hour! The MAX Lexercise also comes with a more powerful motor.

LegXercise MAXLegXercise MAX

LegXercise PRO

The PRO version features a “concave track” and has the same features as that of the MAX model and some extra features too. The concave track depicts your natural walking motion more correctly. The added features include increased range of motion which provide more movement than the models (Original and MAX). The PRO Legxercise also include a step counter to track your progress.

The forward and backward motion of the foot pedals create constant movement and flex at both knee and ankle joints [the earlier Legxercise models engage only the KNEE joints]. The Legxercise PRO is more comfortable than the STANDARD and MAX model because it is sits inclined towards to your body so you don’t have to stretch your feet to keep them on the pedal.

LegXercise PROLegXercise PRO


Official website: Legxercise.com


LegXercise REVIEW

The Original Legxercise REVIEW STATS

The ORIGINAL Legxercise has about 166 reviews with 3.8 star ratings out of 5. Out of the 166 reviews, 25% of the reviews are COMPLAINTS (1 and 2 star ratings). The verdict is not in the favor of the machine. The pros and cons of the exerciser are summed up here.



The MAX Legxercise has about 90+ reviews and 3.7 star ratings. Here too 25% of the reviews are 1 and 2 star ratings which are basically the complaints about the product. This is substantial number of complaints.



29% of the PRO reviews are complaints with the 1 and 2 star ratings. It is worth noticing that the 1 and 2 star rating reviews are consistent across all the Legxercise models. In-fact they are more in the case of Legxercise PRO. So this indicates that the “root problem” with the leg movers has not been addressed even in the newer PRO model.

LegXercise Advantages

Works Within Its Limits

Recommended usage is 30 minutes, 5 days a week. Overall it works good as an exerciser to people with walking issues. Many people find the ORIGINAL version to be slower to their liking though it is comfortable to use. The foot pedals are a bit small and people mention in their reviews that they should be a bit wider. Some users have recommended placing just one foot on the Legxercise machine for more comfort.


Easy to Use

The Lexercise is easy to use. You just have to plug it in the socket, place your feet on the two pedals. The Legxercise is particularly a boon for people with walking disability. The leg machine can be placed on the wheel chair for them to exercise their legs and improve blood circulation. Though it is better to consult your physician before using it.


Leg Exercise Wherever and Whenever You Want

Some of us do not have a liberty of doing strenuous leg exercisers due to various health conditions like COPD. The LegXercise provides gentle “workout” the swollen legs. The Legxercise also benefit diabetic people. The Legxercise also help with cramps and varicose veins. People with arthritis can also use the Lexercise machine though it is not an alternative to walking. You can include the Lexercise routines in your exercise regime. The Legxercise is a good exerciser for all those who have a sedentary job or have to stand for long duration. It is not only for those who have issues with mobility and leg pain, you can start using the Lexercise as a PREVENTIVE measure too.

LegXercise Disadvantages

Max Weight Limit

Reviewers complain that the promoters of Lexercise machine cleverly hide the max weight info on the official website (Legxercise.com) – the “Max User Weight”. All the exercisers claim to support max user weight of 250 lbs. But users complain that if you are a big person the motor “groans” as you put pressure on the pedal. The max user weight of the PRO model is just 200 lbs, lesser than the other two.



When you sit straight up you exert more pressure on the pedal which immediately slow down, so you have to lean back to put lesser pressure on the Legxercise pedals. This situation makes it very inconvenient to use the Lexercise. The ORIGINAL Legxercise has the foot pedals much too close, this causes strain on your hips and knees and they hurt, as per the reviews.


Cheaply Built

Many of the complaints are regarding the quality of the exercisers. The material is cheap plastic and the casing is light. The machines are lightweights and they do not have the strength to take weight of more than 200 lbs. With slight pressure they stop moving. Also the design looks flimsy and many buyers feel it wouldn’t last longer to cover the price. Some reviews also mention that the exerciser quits working in just a few weeks. The motor of the Legxercise is lightweight and under-powered. You cannot use the exercisers on highest setting for more than an hour. This complaint applies to all three models – Original, MAX and PRO.


Lacks the Stride and Slow Movements

Other dominant drawback of the Legxercise is the lack of stride. Though the commercial says it mimics walking motion, the stride is like a “baby step”. Users complain they hardly felt any movement in the knees, not even a mild exercise. “This kind of stride is not going to help with the blood circulation”, users say in their reviews. “The stretching of the legs would offer better movement than the Legxercise” – one user complains. The movement of the pedal is very slow. Some say it is very very slow while others say there is not much difference in the settings – it is slow and slower.

Does not work for Restless Legs

User reviews reveal that the Legxercise PRO model does not work for restless legs syndrome. “In-fact the Lexercise has made it more worse”, complains a reviewer. It does not work with the swollen legs either.



The Legxercise machines are very noisy and the constant sound of the motor is a distraction when you are trying to focus on the work. So not suited while you work. You can’t watch TV with this on, its that noisy.


So, does the Legxercise Work?

Most people feel that it does not do anything, this is probably because you expect too much from the Legxercise machine. And it is not the buyers fault, the promoters of Lexercise have made it look like a wonder machine that is going to take away all the pain. If you are looking for a REAL machine for leg movement than go for an elliptical which offers better range of motion and actually WORKS.


No Settings

The Legxercise PRO model does not have any settings to adjust the speed of the pedal movement.


Does not Vibrate/Massage

The Legxercise machine does not vibrate and hence does not provide relaxation massage like the Power Legs.

Not Worth the Money

The disadvantages and complaints of the Legxercise outweigh its little benefits making it an almost useless product.

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  1. I have the Legxercise Pro, it has a movement counter on it. I’m mobility limited there fore I have poor circulation. Does it work? I believe so, one thing for sure, it doesn’t hurt. Right now my feet are on it, it’s running and the counter shows that I have over 21,500 movements on it. The counter resets every time you turn it off, so I keep a running total.

  2. I just saw this on television in Costa Rica and it is the most absurd contraption I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking to improve your level of fitness please don’t buy this.

      1. Sylvia Gawthorne

        dear carol

        I need to get in touch with legxerciser as well as the gromit on the plug that leads directly into the machine has split and I cannot buy one anywhere. I have tried and tried to get in touch with the makers all to no avail. I am partially paralyzed from the waist down and using the Legxerciser is the only way I can move my legs. if you find a way of contacting the company will you be so kind as to let me know, I would be very grateful,

        thank you


  3. Yadirah Cortés

    I am really interested in this product, I would like to see how much it is; I am at Puerto Rico and I am a Multiple Sclerosis patient, this would be great for me.

  4. Yadirah Cortés

    I would love to know how much is it, I’m at Puerto Rico, I am a Multiple Sclerosis patient and this would be great for me!

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